Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Preview print of final design

These are my final preview prints, I thought it best to do a quick print out and note any amendments needed, how ever small, before my I get it printed onto my chosen paper.

Final layout sketches

Above is the sketch I made for my final layout with a quick alignment print below.

Quick look at images

The above page shows how I plan to manipulate my images, first starting off by cropping them and then finally taking the colour out and changing the contrast of the black and white. I plan to do this with all my images and impose a separate colour over the top.

First layouts

A few more layout ideas.

Quick layouts

First layout ideas.

A couple of books of interest.

I thought these two book may interest some, the first one is called 'Magazine Covers', its shows a number of good examples of front covers and details the information behind them, may also help to trigger some ideas for my own book cover.

The second is 'Take Ivy' the reason I have included this particular book is not because of its content (deferentially worth a look), but because it has some very interesting use of space in some of its pages and has some good examples of using full page imagery with text.

Initial layout research

Some of the pages I have created after my initial research, the first page is showing a layout from Wolverhampton city magazine, I thought it was best to look into the magazine because that's what the subject of my own lay outs are about, the second is from a book entitled 'I'm one', the reason I've included it is to show the use of imagery with text.